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Welcome to If you are looking for a great way to build awareness for your company and increase visibility of your services, WeddingDJsNearMe is your answer; by offering exclusive advertising opportunities for geo-targeted search criteria, WeddingDJsNearMe will get your brand directly in front of your audience, eliminating the hassle of receiving and returning leads that are out of your area or unworkable. As one of the web’s top-ranking wedding DJ sites, we receive and process leads almost every week, leads that are ready and waiting to do business with you. Sounds intriguing?

Here’s how it works:

WeddingDJsNearMe is continually building our audience through content creation and increasing our Google rankings through one simple method: work. Our staff continues to work hard to drive new and unique traffic from across the United States. Who benefits from all this work? You do, of course. As users search for wedding DJ services and land on our site, they will be prompted to search for DJs in their area and be presented with a limited number of companies that can accommodate their request. All of our listings are on a first-come, first-serve basis so as you are looking at geographies that make sense for you and your business, be sure to check current listings.

So let’s get down to brass tax: how mush does this listing cost? Well, that’s the other great part. Rather than paying for and returning leads from sites that only focus on quantity, you can rest-assured that the minute your ad goes live on WeddingDJsNearMe, we start dumping money into your listings and getting quality traffic for your business. Each month, Wedding DJs Near Me charges a flat $150 for your listing on a month-to-month agreement, three month minimum. We ask for the minimum test period so that our staff has the time to start really pushing traffic for your specific listing and increase the SEO efforts. As we said, the minute your listing goes live, our SEO team kicks into high gear to start generating quality traffic for your listing. After the three-month minimum, you are under no obligation to stick around (although we’re sure you’ll want to). We are so sure that you’ll love the results from our site and that you’ll want to stick around that we are going to throw in another bonus:

Not only will you get a great place to advertise your business on, but we will also build you a custom page for your business. What?! Yeah, we’re going there. You can add videos or photos or both to liven up your presence on the site and engage your customers, leading to more leads and hopefully, more gigs.  We will also send you a detailed report of the SEO efforts we are pushing so you know your money is being put right back into your listing. If you want SEO done to your brand new page, we can arrange that as well for an extra cost. (depending on how serious you are with your business)

Our support team is standing by help you get started and move your business to the next level. Don’t take a chance with “DJ advertising companies” who don’t know what they are doing and solely focus on volume (aren’t lead returns so fun?). We are all about quality and that is why we invest countless hours in updating content and focus on SEO best practices to ensure you get the most out of your listing.

Feel free to contact us today to get started on your advertising. After just our initial launch, we have an average of 150 unique hits a month and that number is growing continuously. Come be a part of this growth and start booking more gigs today!

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